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Use LensTutorial in the classroom and in the field and get results fast when you need them.

Now you don’t have to tap the numbers into the boxes. LensTutorial is quick and easy to operate in any photographic situation.

Just slide Aperture, Zoom or Distance rings with one finger and get updated values of depth of field info, angle of view and subject size.

We’ve tried many DOF calculator apps for various platforms including iPhone and iPad that could have become great products. However they often lacked the two features that we believe are essential: Quick to operate and Easy to comprehend.

Lens Tutorial is made to be used in the field when it is needed: Magic light of a setting sun will not wait while you calculate DOF for your landscape. Your model will get tired of smiling while you fill-in the lens parameters. That is why we’ve created our app to be easy to operate and to be quick to get results back to you. Please check features to see a bit more technical details.

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